Funny Prank Video On Picking Up Any Girl In Lamborghini

June 20, 2015 7:41 pm

Watch this funny prank video on Lafander Entertainment. Today there are so many videos on Pranks that are getting uploaded on YouTube everyday due to the reason of open video community where you see anyone can upload the video. In Lafander Entertainment we are uploading only the best video ever.

In this funny prank video the American Guy with his Lamborghini car tried to picking up the girls for ride without asking them, he convinced the girls just by giving expressions and giving signals with hands only. Actually this was a funny prank video. They have made this video just because they wanted to see that how many girls come and enjoy the ride on Lamborghini. The main reason behind this where most of the girls are ready to take ride is the Lamborghini car that shows up that this man is too wealthy.

In this funny prank video that has been taken from VitalyzdTv it has been proved that the power of Car which is actually amazing; Lamborghini is the biggest magnet to attract the Girls.

The most amazing think in this funny prank video is the way of comedian or the prankster to ask the girls by just giving signals. After watching this video I won’t be able to stop laugh myself. This video is the most viral video as compared to all the Pranks on internet with more than 26 Millions views on YouTube.


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