Most Humorous Video On Table Tennis Match Ever

June 21, 2015 8:37 am

The most entertaining and funny match ever played in Table Tennis history. This is going to be the most humorous video on table tennis match ever.

This match was played in between Jean-Michel Saive VS Chih-Yuan. Jean Michle Saive is a very good Tennis player started playing tennis when he was a small boy. He born in a tennis playing family where his father was a Belgian Player and ranked at 10th Position and his mother has won the Belgian ladies Doubles Championship, at the time when she was pregnant. He started playing Table Tennis very soon at the age of 13 years he was ranked at 4th position in Belgian Players ranking list and he joined the national team of tennis as well. At the end of 1985 he was stooped as the best Player of Table Tennis in Belgian.

Chuang is also from the Tennis Playing family. He is from Taiwan. His father and mother both were the national Tennis Players. His father was playing in the nation doubles champion and his mother LI Kuei-Mei was also the member of Table Tennis in the national team. He started taking coaching of Tennis at the age of 13.

This is the most humorous video on match ever played in the history of Table Tennis. Once you started watching this match you will die of laughter and there will be a permanent smile on your face. This most humorous video you will love, watch again and again and will share with your friends for sure.


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