Latest Punjabi Songs 2016 | The Reality | Gavy Bhanot

April 23, 2016 10:31 am

Punjabi Songs are famous all over the world, there is no one in the world who can’t start dancing on beats of punjabi songs. Music of punjabi songs is purely different from others. There is a new trend in Punjabi songs and that is rap in the songs. So there is one more song released from latest punjabi songs 2016 The Reality sung by Gavy Bhanot from VehliJantaRecords.

Gavy Bhanot sung this song with rapper CDAK (Trban Swag) and music by Jugraj Rainkh has sung this wonderful song THE REALITY and it is going to be best rap song from Latest Punjabi Songs 2016.

This is one of the most beautiful Latest Punabi Songs 2016 which has impressed most of punjabi song lovers. Watch this lovely song right now.


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