12 Bor Di Latest Punjabi Song 2015 By Amar Maan

May 25, 2015 2:06 pm

12 Bor Di is the latest punjabi song 2015 that is sung by Amar Maan. He is very famous Punjabi classical singer. This latest punjabi song 2015 is based on very interesting song which is written by Sidh Naraingarhiya and music by Tajwant Kittu. The video of this song is very interesting to watch, which is recorded by Bittu Arora.

In this video one girl driving through the roads in her car and suddenly her car got broken. She was looking for help and somehow found two men passing through the road. She requested them for help and they came but suddenly they noticed the real beauty of this girl and they started teasing her. Thanks to God one brave man came at that point of time and he fought with them to make them ran away from the location. After this he dropped this beautiful girl and in this way they both got fallen in love. Her beauty is compared with 12 Bor Di that means Ghaint Gun. You should watch this latest punjabi song 2015 “12 Bor Di” and other details for the song is given below:

Singer: Amar Man

Song: 12 Bore Di

Lyrics: Sidh Naraingarhiya

Music: Tajwant Kittu

Video: Bittu Arora

Label: Vital Records


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