Supna Sufi Sparrows Feat Mankirt Aulakh | Latest Punjabi Track

June 29, 2016 6:31 am

Song: Supna
Singer: Sufi Sparrows ft. Zeeshan
Music: Sachin
Lyrics by: Zeeshan
Label: Speed Records
Special Featuring:- Mankirat Aulakh

Supna is the latest Punjabi track from the amazing Female artist Sufi Sparrows & Zeeshan who also wrote the lyrics of this song. The video features the Punjabi boy Mankirat Aulakh. The love song musical beats by Sachin. After winning award these two sisters are again.

Supna Latest Punjabi Track Lyrics

Supne ch tu mileya,
Supne ch tu mileya,
Aave samaj na main ki bolan,
Aave samaj na main ki bolan,

Ve vichhde ta main mar jan,
Haan vichhde ta main mar jan,
Ve main dardi akh na kholan,
Ve main dardi akh na kholan,

Kalla kalla din tere bin kidan katdi,
Samne je aave haal dil da main dasdi…repeat

Tu samne na aave chann ve,
Haan samne na aave chann ve,
Band akhiyan chon firdi main tolan,
Supne ch tu mileya,

Meriyan nigahan wich noor tere naam da,
Tainu chad kisse da khayal vi na aawnda…repeat

Tuttne ton dil darda,
Haan tuttne ton dil darda,
Tainu lekhan ch likha ke kinj dolan,

Teriyan udeekan wich rave mera dil,
Supne ch aave kade samne vi mil,
Mil jaave ajj mil jaave manzil soneya,

Likh likh naa tera rawan padhdi,
Ik ik saah tere naa kardi,
Tereyan vichodeyan ton main ta dardi soneya,Aaja mahi aa aaja soneya,
Aaja ve udeekan wich raahwan teriyan,
Aaja ve udeekan wich raahwan teriyan,

Awesome Latest Punjabi Track by two sisters Sufi Sparrows again. Enjoy this amazing love song with friends.


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