Sachin A Billion Dream Official Teaser Trailer

April 19, 2016 8:27 pm

Sachin, when this word came to the minds of every Indian than each one of us thinks about Sachin Tendulkar. How many of you don’t know about Sachin Tendulkar and if this question is ask to any Indian than it means that i am fool who wants to ask this question. He is not one of the greatest cricketer but we can say that the best cricketer in the world or batsman in the world. Some people say that only One Sachin has took birth on this planet and no any other batsman in the world will stand at par with him. On this great cricketer Sachin a Billion Dream Movie Official Trailer has been released.

Sachin a Billion Dream Official Tease Trailer has been released by 200 Not Out on YouTube and within a day the same ha gone viral all over the world.

Movie has been Directed by: James Erskine, Music by: A.R.Rahman, Produced By: Ravi Bhagchandka & Carnival Motion Pictures. Movie’s teaser trailer has been released and there is a lot of curiosity in the public and with this you can imagine how many people will go MAD to watch this movie in Cinemas as soon as it get released.

It is better to wait for the main trailer to come out and than movie. If you are a sachin fan than hit the share button below.


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